Sending email with up-to-date and personalized content can be hugely time consuming and is a big challenge. By the time you press send on your campaign, your stock or sale situation is different and your story content may have changed. However if done correctly the results can be spectacular.

In this whitepaper learn how brands are utilising Open Time Marketing to send email that is up-to-date, personalized, and easy to manage. Achieving great results, with a massively reduced build time.

From real examples, learn:

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How Open Time Marketing allows you to reduce your email build time

Would your revenue increase if you send high-quality email more frequently?

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Utilise social media for on-trend and in-season content

Display automatically the latest social post and images in lifecycle or promotional email every time it is opened.

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Incorportae user-generated content automatically

Pull in the latest content generated by your customers, quickly and easily.

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Utilise scarcity messaging with low in stock products

Show "Only 3 left" and other scarcity messages to add urgency to your promotional, cart abandoment and other lifecycle email.